FilGoal | News | Night of Champions conference – Zidane: I raise my hat to all of my players because of what happened .. I will not risk Baramos


Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, was keen to salute all of his team’s players for their efforts to make the team reach advanced stages in the competition for the Spanish League and the Champions League despite the difficult circumstances.

This came in the press conference that was held today, Tuesday, to talk about facing Chelsea tomorrow, Wednesday, at Stamford Bridge, in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final after a 1-1 draw in Spain.

Zidane said: “We reached that stage and competing for the league title with all the circumstances we are going through is not a miracle, but because we believe in our work and what we do, I do not think that there are miracles in the ball.”

And he continued, “I say constantly that the team went through great difficult moments, so these players should raise their hat, because when things get difficult, they show a strong character and they are the best.”

Zidane stressed again, “I raise my hat to all the players, to face everything we have gone through and to cross it well.”

Regarding the participation of Sergio Ramos, the captain of the team, he said: “We will see it tomorrow. I will not tell you that now. It is important for the captain to be with us and this means that he is fine.”

He added, “I will not risk Pramos, who is with us, meaning that he is ready to play.”

On the return of Eden Hazard to his former team’s stadium, Zidane said: “This is a wonderful moment for him to come back with us to this stadium in good condition. We know what Hazard can offer.”

As for the match, he said: “To achieve anything we must suffer. We suffered in the first leg and now we have to play a strong match tomorrow.”

“We watched Chelsea matches, but tomorrow’s match will be different and we have what makes us present a great match,” he added.

Zidane continued, “The first half in the first leg was difficult and we will try to improve tomorrow. We have to improve in offensive terms and show what we can do.”

Real Madrid need to win any result or a positive draw by more than one goal for the same to qualify for the final.


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