FilGoal | News | Pyramids Contracts Manager: We did not negotiate with Sassi … and why did Greisha not fire Tariq Hamed?


Amr Bassiouni, director of contracts at Pyramids, denied that his club had negotiated with Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek player, whose contract expires at the end of the current season.

Bassiouni said on Ontime Sports: “Sassi’s negotiation is a rumor. If he is not renewed at the end of the season, many teams will be coveted.”

On the meeting between Zamalek and Pyramids, which ended with a similar goal on Sunday, he said: “Do not hang a hanger, for how long will these scenes be in the big matches?”

He added, “Tariq Hamid’s intervention against Abdullah Al-Saeed required the player’s second yellow card. We are in 2021, we want to change outdated concepts. Egypt completely objected to arbitration in the match.”

Zamalek Jihad Greisha attacked the referee after counting 8 minutes as an alternative time.

The club stressed that it submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports against the Egyptian Football Association.


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