FilGoal | News | Report: Donnarumma leaves the Ultras meeting in tears


Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma left his meeting with Ultras the club in tears.

Donnarummas contract with Milan expires in June at the end of the current season.

Donnarma was associated with moving to Juventus as a free agent after the contract between him and Milan ended.

The Corriere della Sera newspaper revealed that Ultras Milan insisted on meeting him before the crucial stages in the Italian league.

The report pointed to Donnarummas exit from Saturday’s meeting in tears before the Benevento confrontation, which ended with Milan winning with two goals to no match.

The report added that Milan fans called on Donnarumma to determine his position, whether to continue with the club or to leave for Juventus.

Ultras asked Milan from Donnarumma not to lead the team against Juventus next week if his future was not decided.

Milan and Juventus are competing for the first four places in the ranking table and qualifying for the Champions League.

Milan are currently ranked second with 69 points, followed by Atalanta with 68 points, and Napoli and Juventus each have 66 points, and for the last three matches, which will take place today.

Milan will play Juventus next Sunday evening in the 35th round of the Italian League and three rounds before the end.


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