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Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – Newcastle – English Premier League

Mohamed Salah, the star of Egypt and Liverpool, believes that the latter has been greatly affected this season by injuring many of his players, noting that Sunday’s match against Manchester United is of special importance given that it is a classic confrontation.

Against Newcastle United in the last round of the Premier League, Salah scored his 20th goal in the current season of the league, becoming the first player from the club to reach this number in 3 different seasons of the tournament.

Regarding this, Salah said in his interview with the Premier League: “I am proud to score goals for a team like Liverpool. The number in the English Premier League is a big thing for me and it makes me proud. I have to continue working for the club and for myself. It is about the players, they always help me and give me the ball in front of the goal.” So, I want to thank them for reaching this number. “

“The team’s goal and my goal is to reach fourth place to play in the Champions League. I don’t want to make excuses because of our level this season, but we started well and suffered many injuries and struggled to win some matches, this is part of football. We were not lucky, to finish the season in the best way. Possible form and then let’s think about winning the league next season. “

Salah continued, “Since the Crystal Palace meeting, we started bleeding points, and perhaps some players had their self-confidence shaken. I do not mean to belittle them, but my intention is that this may be part of the reason for our retreat. When you waste you have to think about the next opportunity and be convinced in your mind that you will score.”

He added, “We entered some matches pressured for the inevitability of victory and this affected us negatively. We sat as players with each other several times and talked about everything, some leaders spoke, but this is a special thing, I cannot say it. We are colleagues and friends as well. The relationship between us is good. The players here. Very humble. “

The 28-year-old Egyptian captain continued, “The absence of the fans from Anfield is very difficult, it affected us a lot. Other teams are affected as well, but not like us, because Anfield gives us an extra boost and the fans are always behind us. Everyone is waiting for our confrontation against Manchester United, I think the latter wants to win.” We have to deprive us of the Champions League. This is an additional incentive for us, we want the Champions League, so we enter the meeting motivated. It is a big match and I always like to participate in such meetings. “

Liverpool will visit United on Sunday in the 34th round of the League in an upcoming meeting.

The team ranks sixth in the league standings, four points away from fourth place.

While United occupies the top spot, 13 points ahead of leaders Manchester City, who are just around the corner from the coronation.

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