FilGoal | News | Solskjaer opens fire: I’ve never seen a similar schedule in modern football


Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer launched a ferocious attack on his pressured match schedule in the coming days.

Manchester United were unable to meet Liverpool last week due to their fans sweeping the Old Trafford stadium, which caused matches to accumulate for the Red Devils.

The start will be against Aston Villa on Sunday, then Leicester on Tuesday, then Liverpool on Thursday, and then Follame the following Tuesday.

Thus, Manchester United will play 3 games within 5 days, and 4 games in total in 8 days.

Solskjaer said during the press conference today, Friday: “Some teams may not be happy because I will participate in the main team in a match and give him full rest in the next match.”

He added: “The Sunday match is not a problem, because that was its original date. The problem is playing on Tuesday and Thursday after Thursday and Sunday. This is a big problem.”

And he continued: “I pity the players and the team, they played an amazing season and qualified for the European final, and I am sitting here answering these questions, not about the wonderful career they performed.”

He continued: “This schedule is another challenge for us, and it is true that I am not happy with it, but I am not messy either. It is one of the challenges that I know my players will face seriously and we will all come out stronger.”

He pointed out, “I just hope that no player is injured, this will be my biggest concern. Harry Maguire has played every minute in the Premier League since moving to Manchester United, but that probably wouldn’t be possible now. It is a number he would have been very proud of had he succeeded in achieving, but I am not.” I see it possible to happen now. ”

“Playing two games in 3 days is difficult, but we can accept that because we do it on Christmas. And playing two games in 3 days after a long season and after playing a lot of games, it will be more difficult.”

He added, “As for playing 3 matches in 5 days, it is very, very difficult, almost impossible. While 4 games in 8 days it is impossible. But we will face that challenge anyway.”

He explained: “There is a person who makes these decisions and does not understand the physical side in the English Premier League, it is the best league in the world, I do not know how it can justify playing 3 matches in this small time distance.”

He revealed: “Our formation in one or two matches may anger some, because this may affect the contenders for fourth place, but it is not my problem, it is the problem of others.”

He stressed: “I have not seen a similar schedule of matches before, not in modern football. I have researched and found that Manchester United played a similar pressed set of matches in the 1991/92 season, and you can see at that time how the results deteriorated.”

“We have received very bad treatment from a group of people sitting at a desk, wearing a suit, and they have never played football before,” he asserted.

He continued, “My priority is to preserve my players, we cannot risk injury. This year it has been very difficult, and we are happy to play the matches because that is very important. I understand all of that, but we have to protect the players.”

He added, “I will rotate intensively, we cannot prepare for matches, which is something all teams can do. They get a week, two weeks, 10 days, or 5 days.”

He concluded: “I realize that the clubs that are fighting for seats in the Champions League will think that I am not paying the best players. But going for 90 minutes with the same intensity has become impossible, especially with 4 matches in 8 days.”

Manchester United reached the European League final, taking advantage of their 8-5 victory over Roma in the aggregate of the two matches.

Manchester United are second in the Premier League with 67 points.


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