FilGoal | News | Spain’s Olympic coach: Salah will be an addition to the Olympics .. I have not settled on the identity of the top players


Luis de la Fuente, Spain’s Olympic coach, admitted that Mohamed Salah’s participation with the Egyptian national team in Tokyo would be an addition to the competition.

De la Fuente said via Ontime Sports 2: “It will be a difficult match against African champion Egypt. It will be a great event, and we will try to show our best level so that we can play a good match.”

He added, “We are eager to play with a generation of players with high capabilities. We do not yet know who will participate, but there are many players spread all over Europe and will definitely play with Spain.”

He continued: “I think that the group is balanced and all the teams are at a high level. There are many continents, all teams have great players, everyone has a chance to qualify.”

He pointed out: “We have 6 players in our age group participating with the first team, and we do not know who will have the big three who we are using. This is a very difficult decision, I hope all the great players, but this is the place to think.”

He explained: “We are waiting for Ansu Fati to recover from the injury because he is a great player and we wish him to be with us, but we do not know when he will recover yet.”

He continued, “There are many scenarios for Messi, Ramos or Pique, the decision is theirs or the club’s decision, at that moment I did not specify which players would participate.”

And he admitted: “Salah is a very important player. The whole world knows who Salah is. I understand that Salah’s participation will be a great thing for the entire tournament and not just for Egypt.”

He stressed: “I have seen the Egyptian national team on some occasions. I have not studied it well yet, but within 3 weeks we will study all the teams well. They are the African champions and they have high value players.”

He explained, “I am definitely a fan of the tournament and I hope that all the great players will participate. If Salah or Messi did not participate, the tournament would be lost a lot, but when players of this size participate, they will add a lot to the tournament because they are very important.”

He concluded: “Most of the teams are close. There are 6 ranked teams. The team that commits few mistakes will be a candidate to win gold.”

Spain signed with Egypt in one group with Argentina and Australia in the Tokyo Olympics next summer.


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