FilGoal | News | Suez Canal Authority Stadium … a new sports edifice in Egypt


Bid farewell to the old image of the stadium of the Suez Canal Authority, and wait for a new look for a classic stadium in the Egyptian League.

The “New Suez Canal Authority” stadium is close to joining Egypt’s soccer arsenal.

The new stadium is under construction, and a very large part of the project that began in March of 2019 has been completed. It reveals to you the contents of the new Suez Canal Authority stadium, and the most important features that will distinguish it.


The stadium will have a capacity of 22,000 spectators and contain an airstrip.

There are 22 online stadium gates belonging to My Ticket Company to avoid crowds.

All stairs will have stairs and seats for the masses.

As for the main cabin, it will be equipped with 2 panoramic elevators, and 8 standard elevators.

There is also a cabin for the elders of al-Zorah, equipped with bulletproof glass.

Finally, there are private viewing cabins for public figures.

The structure of the stadium for the players

The stadium will contain 4 dressing rooms, each room with a sauna, jacuzzi, and a plunge pool to receive 4 teams at the same time.

The stadium is also equipped with a kitchen, a restaurant, a laundry, a gym, a sports medicine unit, an administrative part, and an overnight stadium.

A room in the stadium was designated for VAR, and another room for doping detection.

The stadium

Pole lighting poles will be 4,500 LuxLED, 50 meters high.

The stadium grass is imported from the United States of America.

The stadium includes an 8-lane Olympic track.

The media side

The media side will also have its share of the stadium infrastructure.

The stadium will contain two press conference rooms and a fully equipped media center.

The stadium will also contain analytical studios from inside the stadium, and equipped hanging cabins.


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