FilGoal | News | The Alexandria derby is interesting … a tie rules Smouha and Al-Ittihad summit


A two-goal tie referee for each derby team in Alexandria Governorate, which brought together Smouha and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the 19th round of the Egyptian League.

After Al-Ittihad advanced with two goals, Smouha managed to return and draw to raise his score to point 28 in sixth place in the league table.

One point behind Al-Ittihad, who is fifth with 29 points.

Al Ittihad double was scored by Razak Cisse and Emmanuel Okoy, while Mahmoud Al Badri and Ahmed Nabil “Manga”, the Al Ittihad player, scored by mistake in his own goal.

Great green start

Al-Ittihad advanced in the 4th minute with a wonderful header from Razzaq Cisse who scored El Hani Suleiman’s net.

In the 47th minute, Emmanuel Okoye scored the second goal with another header.

The referee returned to the video to review the game and confirmed the validity of the second goal of Al Ittihad.

A blue awakening

But Smouha rose up strongly and launched the attack on Al Ittihad’s goal.

Smouha scored the first goal in the 56th minute, with a header from defender Mahmoud Al-Badri after a corner kick.

With a quick counterattack, Ahmed Abdel Qader launched and hit a ball that hit the post, but it came back and collided with Ahmed Nabil, “Manga”, Al Ittihad defender, to go to the goal.

Scoring by mistake an own goal by Smouha in the 61st minute.

In the remaining minutes, the two teams tried to score the winning goal, but the attempts were not completed, and the Alexandria summit ended in a draw.


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