FilGoal | News | The Arsenal legend: The Nene must play against Villarreal … what he has to offer is impressive


Ian Wright, the former Arsenal star, believes that the Egyptian Mohamed El Nani should be a key player in facing Villarreal.

Arsenal receive Villarreal this evening, Thursday, at the Emirates Stadium, in the second leg of the European League semi-final, after the first-leg defeat in Spain with two goals to one.

“My opinion is that Cedric Soares should be a left-back, and Granit Xhaka should play in midfield because he can have the ball safely,” Wright said on the Ringer FC’s Wrighty’s House podcast.

He added, “I do not feel comfortable to see Xhaka in the left-back position, he does not suit him, he should not play there.”

He pointed out: “Cedric was contracted with a 4-year contract to play as a right-back or left-back, so let him join him. And to push Xhaka in his original position.”

He explained, “Arteta must pay with his strongest team, Ceballos will be absent (to be suspended), and I prefer that Nene replace him.”

He finished: “Al-Nani scored a goal in the last match. He is distinguished by shooting and determination. You cannot fail to feel admiration for what he offers.”

Al-Nini scored his first goal in the Premier League a few days ago, during the victory over Newcastle United.

Spaniard Dani Ceballos will miss the match after receiving a red card in the first leg.

Al Nani played 38 games with Arsenal this season, during which he scored 3 goals.


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