FilGoal | News | The Carteron Conference: Grisha had to count 10 minutes as an alternate time


Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron expressed his objection to the calculation of Jihad Greisha, the referee of the team’s meeting against Pyramids, for eight minutes as an alternate time in the second half.

Zamalek scored in the 96th minute to equalize with Pyramids in the 19th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

“A positive result, given the circumstances of the match, is happy with the spirit of the players, especially in the second half,” Carteron said at a press conference.

And he continued, “The referee should have counted 10 minutes as an alternate time.”

Obama (Yusef Ibrahim) level continues? The players are all fighting, we play every 3 days. I felt that the team would not score, given the poor luck that had befallen them in the second half. We were affected by exhaustion while the opponent relieved the main players in the last match. “

He added, “We needed a lot of mental strength to get back in the game. (Ferjani) Sassi has better than that, but he is tired due to the pressure of the matches, he was better in the second half. (Ahmed Sayed) Zizou was angry after the match because of the opportunity he wasted, it is difficult for the player psychologically. Especially since it does not offer its best levels. “

And he added, “It is good that we have a player like (Mahmoud Abdel Razek) Shikabala who makes the difference as soon as he enters, because he is returning from injury and cannot participate in 90 minutes.”

He completed the “switch backs? The opponent forced us to play on both sides, we wanted to renew the blood.”

Zamalek raised its score to 41 points at the top of the Egyptian Premier League.

The team will host Smouha Club on Thursday.


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