FilGoal | News | The dates for the Saturday 5-8-2021 matches and the carrier channels – a Spanish summit … Liverpool and Mustafa Mohamed


Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – Newcastle – English Premier League

A match in the Egyptian League. A decisive Spanish summit, and Liverpool return to the English Premier League.

Submit to you The dates for the matches today, Saturday, May 8, 2021, and the transmission channels.

To find out the dates of all matches from Here

Premier League

The beginning of the day will be in England. Leeds United are present at 1:30 pm on beIN Sports 1 Premium.

Sheffield United will be present at Crystal Palace at 4 pm on BN Sports 2 Premium.

At half past six in the evening, Manchester City will play Chelsea via beIN Sports 1 Premium.

Finally, Liverpool will play Southampton at 9:15 pm via BN Sports 1 Premium.

La Liga

The most important Spanish league matches will be between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at 4:15 pm on BN Sports Premium 1.

Italian league

In Italy, Spezia Calcio plays with Napoli at three in the evening via BN Sports 3, while Inter will play with Sampdoria at six in the evening after winning the title, on BN Sports 3.


Borussia Dortmund will play Leipzig at 3:30 pm, while Bayern Munich will play Borussia Monchengladbach at 6:30 pm.

French league

In France, Olympique Lyon will play Lorient at 5 pm on BN Sports 2.

Turkish League

Mustafa Muhammad, Rifka Galatasaray, faces Besiktas at half past seven in the evening. An important match in the journey to compete for the title and qualify for the Champions League.

Egyptian League

Finally, the Arab Contractors will play with El Entag El Harby at 9:30 pm in the Egyptian League on Ontime Sports 1.

To find out the dates of all matches from Here


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