FilGoal | News | The Football Association explains to the Joule the appeal decisions … and why the statement was devoid of the name of Imam Ashour


Imam Ashour celebrates with Zamalek youth players after the Al-Ahly match

Adel Al-Shorbaji, Chairman of the Appeals Committee of the Football Association, explained the decisions issued by the committee regarding the players of Al-Zamalek Youth and the Ismaili Club.

Al-Shorbaji said in statements “The name of Imam Ashour did not appear in the FIFA statement because Zamalek club and the player did not submit an appeal from the ground to the player’s penalty.”

He added, “We looked at Zamalek and Al-Ahly’s appeal against the decision to suspend youth players from Zamalek, and we decided to support the sanctions after watching all the videos sent by the Al-Ahly club about the incident.

“The videos were very difficult, and I advise these players to avoid this matter in the future because they are still young and the future is ahead of them.”

Regarding the committee’s decisions with the Ismaili, Al-Shorbaji said, “The Ismaili sent us a grievance against the penalty of deducting 3 points from his balance, at a time when this decision has not yet been implemented in the first place.”

And he continued, “Therefore, we accepted the appeal in form and rejected it as a matter because there is no issue at all.”

The head of the Appeals Committee completed, “We have an external court decision to deduct 3 points from their balance in the event that the fine is not paid to the Nujoom Club, and the only solution is that there is a settlement between the two parties for not deducting points from the Ismaili balance.”

The Football Association had issued a statement announcing a set of decisions by the Appeals Committee. (See the full decisions)


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