FilGoal | News | With long-range missiles … Enppi bypasses Egypt for clearing


Enppi defeated Egypt for clearing with two unanswered goals in the match that was held at Petrosport Stadium in the 19th round of the Egyptian League.

Dinobetter Judy took the lead in the 67th minute, and Karim Tariq added the second goal in the 93rd minute.

Enppi raised his score to point 27, rose to seventh in the league standings, and overtook Egypt for the clearing.

And the balance of Egypt stuck to clearing at point 26 to occupy the ninth place after playing 18 games.

Enppi repeated the victory in the first round match after winning 1-0 in the second round match.

Enppi’s victory made him excel in direct confrontations and reached his sixth victory.

While Enppi had previously faced Egypt for clearing in 20 matches in the Egyptian League, and after today’s match, Enppi reached its sixth victory, in exchange for 5 victories for Egypt for the clearing in addition to 9 matches that ended in a draw.

Description of the match

Calm dominated most of the first half.

Ahmed Al-Agouz took a free kick for Enppi, which was sent off by the Egyptian defense, in the 18th minute.

John Ibuka sent a cross, but it did not reach any of his teammates after the Egyptian defense sent it off for clearing in the 25th minute.

The most dangerous chances of the first half were in the 35th minute, when Emad Fathi dodged Enppi goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad and sent a cross to the name of Morsi, but Enppi’s defense pushed it away before it reached the Egyptian striker for clearing.

Iboca hit a powerful ball, which Mahmoud Hamdi successfully saved in the 42nd minute.

In the second half, Helmy Tolan made two changes by going down to Deinopetter and Mohab Yasser, instead of Salah Rico and Mustafa Shalaby.

Dinobetter scored the first goal of the match with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, which went down the left of the goal.

Karim Tariq almost scored the second goal for Enppi in the 81st minute, but his shot went past the left post.

But Karim Tariq returned and scored the second goal in the 93rd minute with a superb shot from outside the penalty area, to end the match with Enppi victory.

Egypt will play for the clearing against Talaa Al-Jaish in the next match, while Enppi will play against Ghazl El-Mahalla.


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