FilGoal | News | Zamalek executive member to Sayed Abdel Hafeez: Jihad Greisha did what I wanted


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Zamalek Executive Committee, attacked the Egyptian Football Association and referee Jihad Greisha, who managed the team’s meeting against Pyramids on Sunday.

Zamalek criticized Grisha after the match ended 1-1, and Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of Al-Ahly football, also attacked him, saying in television statements: “Whenever he made a mistake, he apologized to me.”

Grisha denied that he had contacted Abdel Hafeez after meeting Zamalek. (the details)

“Greisha did not apologize to you because he made no mistake,” Abdullah said on Ontime Sports channel, directing his speech to Abdul Hafeez.

Then he added, “Because he did what I wanted, he gave us only 8 minutes as an alternate time. The Football Association chooses referees to confuse them to manage Zamalek matches.”

He added, “The Zamalek Council definitely has a position on this fuss. I tell Ahmed Mujahid (president of the Football Association), review the number of Zamalek players in the Egyptian Olympic team, their number in the Egyptian first team, their number in the handball team.”

And he added, “We ask that the referees not contact a football manager to apologize to him, there is no sport in Egypt, then. How do I know that it did not happen? (Greishah communicated with Abdel Hafeez). I ask Mujahid to investigate the referees committee.”

On Monday morning, Zamalek announced that it had submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports against the Football, Hand and Basketball federations.

Zamalek objected to Greisha and Al-Ahly attacked the referees after the first draw with Pyramids and the second loss to Ghazl El Mahalla on Monday.

Zamalek tops the league standings, 4 points ahead of Al-Ahly.

Zamalek fought two more matches than Al-Ahly in the championship.


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