FilGoal | News | Zamalek executive member: We implemented Smouha’s request and re-broadcast the meeting .. How does Al-Ahly channel separate a reporter because of his affiliation?


Tariq Hamed scores and celebrates the second goal of Zamalek in Smouha

Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Zamalek Club executive committee, responded sarcastically to Smouhas request to re-meet Zamalek.

Ibrahim Abdullah said in statements on Ontime Sports 2: “Smouha is calling for a return to the Zamalek meeting? We fulfilled their request and re-broadcast the meeting on the Zamalek channel.”

Regarding the events of the meeting, Ibrahim said, “We asked Marwan Hamdi and Islam Jaber to pay together during the Smouha match, but the referee only involved Marwan Hamdy and resumed the game, to waste Zamalek, and he stopped to make a substitution 15 minutes before the end of the match. What would happen if the goalkeeper was injured?” Would we have completed the match without him? “

“Ahmed Mujahid wanted to cancel the VAR technology as soon as he arrived. People say that Zamalek is the team that has scored the most penalty kicks and this is a fact, but why do we not say that Zamalek had it not been for VAR technology, it would have been the most wronged team in 8 penalties,” he continued.

Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, had demanded a re-meeting of his team with Zamalek under the pretext of arbitration errors in favor of his team from Mohamed Al Hanafi, the referee of the match.

Zamalek defeated Smouha yesterday evening, Thursday, with two goals to one, in the 20th round of the Egyptian League.

Finally, Ibrahim Abdullah touched on the news spread about the Al-Ahly channel dismissing a reporter from the channel because of his encouragement for Zamalek club. Ibrahim said, “I heard the news that Al-Ahly TV decided to dismiss the reporter Mina Maher because he (Zamalekawi) even though he did not have any professional problem.

He concluded, “If this news is true, we do not accept injustice against an Egyptian citizen just because he belongs to Zamalek, and we ask him to contact us to be with us.”

Zamalek is preparing to face Al-Ahly next Monday, in the 21st round matches of the Egyptian League.


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