FilGoal | News | Zamalek management is seeking Carteron’s opinion on the compressed match schedule … and revealing his response


Zamalek’s board of directors, headed by Hussein Labib, polled the opinion of Zamalek’s coaching staff, led by Patrice Carteron, on the compact match schedule.

The Zamalek Board of Directors affirmed its respect for all technical devices that work in the club in all games and that it does not interfere in the work of any of them, so if any decision is made, it must be through those responsible for that game.

Zamalek indicated that Carteron confirmed that he was preparing for the pressured period by setting up a preparation program for the team based on the schedule sent by the Football Association.

Zamalek explained in his statement that it was agreed to respect the schedule based on the vision of the technical director after setting his training program on this basis from the start.

He concluded the statement, stressing that the board of directors respects the opinion of the coaching staff regarding the pressed match schedule as long as this does not affect the rights of the club.

Zamalek faces its Ismaili opponent in Suez on Thursday in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, then El Gouna at the latter’s stadium next Sunday in the 25th round of the league.


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