FilGoal | News | Zamalek: The Football Association applies double standards, and the hand is favorable to the opponent .. What did Imam Ashour do for this punishment?


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, rejected the decisions of the Egyptian Federation for Football, Hand and Basketball in the recent period.

Ibrahim Abdullah believes that the Football Association applies double standards in its decisions, and the Egyptian Handball Federation complimented Al-Ahly by awarding the cup title.

A member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club said on OnTime Sports: “The Football Association asked foreign referees in the previous summit match. Why would the Football Association spark crises against Zamalek? Does he like a loud voice if our voice will be loud.”

Speaking about Imam Ashour’s punishment, he explained, “Muhammad Al-Shennawi was punished by suspending 4 matches, which was reduced to one match.”

He continued, “Imam Ashour was photographed without his knowledge, and this always happens, as it happened with Al-Ahly before.”

Ibrahim Abdullah added, “We, as Zamalek club, reject this behavior of Imam Ashour and punished him, but we refuse double standards from the Football Association, as happened with Al-Shennawi.”

A member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club stressed, “We insist on lifting the punishment of Imam Ashour, why is he suspended 12 matches? They sentenced him to death better, what did he do for all this punishment did he kill anyone? If the problem was on inheritance with Ahmed Mujahid, the penalty would not reach that. .

And he continued, “Do they think that Zamalek is an orphan without a father or mother? We, Zamalek, the largest sports fortress in Egypt, wanted whoever wanted and rejected those who refused. Look at any team in Egypt, how many players from Zamalek in all the games.

Ibrahim Abdullah revealed, “We are respectful people who are committed to the law, but we will not accept transgressions.”

Zamalek club had issued a statement today, Monday, at dawn against the Football, Hand and Basketball Federations, due to what it described as intransigence against Zamalek.

Ibrahim Abdullah added, “The Basketball Association wasted regulations and laws in the Zamalek match against Al-Ahly, and we are against the decision so far.”

He revealed, “The Hand Union granted us the league title, we were in the lead and the remaining two matches would not follow us, so it did not compliment us, but there is almost a courtesy granting the opponent the cup title while we are in the semi-finals, and thus the principle of equal opportunities for the other three teams was wasted.”

When asked about the request of foreign rulers for the next summit, he clarified, “Every seat has an article and the council is in permanent session, and after that, what has been settled will be announced.”

He concluded his remarks, “If there is someone who wants to cause crises, we can do that and we will escalate, but we work with the thinking of statesmen and we calm things down.”


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