FilGoal | News | Zamalek: We adhere to the rematch of the Pyramids match … and we are the club most vulnerable to arbitration injustice


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, said that his team adheres to the replay of the Pyramids match, and stressed the team’s suffering from match pressure and fatigue.

Ibrahim Abdullah said on the radio program “One Two”: “We adhere to the replay of the Pyramids match for committing a technical mistake that prevented the match from completing to its end according to the added time.”

“Our request is not bullying, but rather adherence to regulations and laws, as lost time is not a gift or a grant from the ruling, but an integral part of his legal powers,” he added.

“The request for a replay of the match also fulfills the principle of equal opportunities and creates excitement and competition that will increase advertising contracts, which will benefit everyone.”

He continued, “I watched what the club’s official spokesperson, Amr Al-Dardir, said about the referee’s intention to waste time, Ibrahim Nour El-Din, and every time he blew his whistle to get the cameras on him, and I found that Zamalek is already playing 60 minutes.

And he added, “We also play every 72 hours, and we are subjected to the same pressure in the matches. The fans do not accept the error of the Egyptian referees, unlike the foreign referee. I do not object to the Egyptian referee, but rather I fear him from the attack of the fans.”

He continued, “Do the regulations apply to Zamalek only? What did the refereeing experts say about the incomplete stoppage time in the Pyramids match?”

“Every time the referee condones a penalty and the referee calls him and embarrasses him, then we find those who say that Zamalek got 5 penalties because of the VAR,” he added.

He stressed, “We are a club that is more subject to arbitration injustice. We try to adhere to restraint and not overstep, but we will not neglect the rights of the club. We are officials and statesmen, but in the end we are fans.”

And about the crisis of stopping Imam Ashour, he explained “We asked to reconsider the punishment of Imam Ashour, did he hit anyone with fire? There is a legal principle that the punishment is equal to the size of the mistake, and with my total rejection of the behavior, but this happens a lot in the locker rooms during the players’ celebrations.”

He continued, “We filed a grievance on the legal dates, but it was lost in the federation for the inconsistency of its committees, and we have the date of faxing, as well as we sent the grievance manually, but the Football Association creates crises with Zamalek to provoke its fans, a pause must be made.

He concluded, “We were also surprised by the postponement of some matches, as well as the assignment of the summit to Egyptian arbitration and other wonderful decisions.”


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