“Fire devoured the prayer halls and the altar.” A 90-minute story in Mujab


02:16 AM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

At 9:48 a.m. The operation room of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza was on a date with an arduous report that has become the most recent hourly talk in search engines over the past few hours.

A massive fire broke out in the building of the Marmina Church, on the street of the school complex, in the Omraniya district, west of Giza Governorate.

No sooner had the recipient of the communication finished receiving the urgent signal than the atmosphere inside the headquarters of the General Administration of Civil Protection changed between the fortifications.

A regular siren with her, everyone went towards his designated car to move to the place of the fire in record time, as is the custom of the firefighters.

Major General Hisham Sadiq, Director of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, paid 10 fire trucks – including 2 strategic water tanks – in addition to a hydraulic ladder.

All the way from the administration headquarters to Umraniye, Major General Sadiq follows the report’s developments via a radio, directing the crew of the first vehicle that arrived within two minutes to inform him of the latest developments.

The firefighters did not need a guide to the location of the fire, as the high flames of the fire and the thick smoke formed a black cloud that covered the sky of Umraniye and was the best proof.

A church consisting of 3 floors, fire rises from the first and second floors after the ground with the narrow width of the street, which makes it difficult for all fire trucks to enter.

Upon his arrival, the director of the administration inspected the theater of operations followed by a quick meeting with his assistants, Major General Hani Al-Saeed and Major General Hani Muhammad. The three of them discussed the work plan to be adopted to accomplish the mission safely.

The first step was to separate the site of the fire from the neighboring houses, lest the fire spread to it, and matters worsen. The task was assigned to a group led by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Issa, who quickly settled the situation.

In parallel, the hydraulic ladder was extended to counter the rising fire on the second and third floors, in preparation for the entry of firefighting teams on foot supported by oxygen cylinders.

Over the course of 60 minutes, the Civil Protection personnel in Giza confronted the hell of fire and intensely billowing smoke, so they controlled the fire without causing any casualties.

Slowly, calm has returned to the narrow, monolithic street of real estate, which was crowded with residents who came from every direction on one side, and the police commanders led by Major General Rajab Abdel Aal, Director of Giza Security, and Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of the Investigation, on the other side.

A preliminary examination revealed that the contents of the second and third floors were completely charred on an area of ​​800 meters, and the contents of the wooden floors were consumed by fire.

The two floors are dedicated halls for prayer, as well as allocating a place for the “altar”, which was completely charred because there was no separation between them.

With the arrival of the relevant agencies, a team from the Public Prosecution office and another forensic evidence arrived to inspect and find out the circumstances of the fire, at a time when the initial inspection suggested the outbreak of the fire due to a short circuit.

For 30 minutes, civil defense personnel carried out the cooling process with five fire engines; To prevent the flames from re-igniting again while everyone caught their breath after 90 minutes of storm tearing hearts out.

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