Former Chairman of the Referees Committee: Jihad Greisha “wins his luck” .. I expect to be excluded with the leadership of the next summit


Reda El-Beltagy, former head of the referees committee of the Egyptian Football Association, spoke about his opinion of the arbitration cases that came in the Zamalek and Pyramids meeting within the league championship that is led by Jihad Abu Greisha.

Al-Beltagy said during the “The Bulldozer Stadium” broadcast on the “Al-Shams” channel: “Jihad Greisha has participated in international tournaments and competitions, but he bears his luck to exclude him from the list of candidates to participate in the next World Cup“.

He added, “Greisha has presented achievements that Jamal Al-Ghandour did not, but he still feels a lump because of his not being nominated for the World Cup. He feels the injustice he has suffered from the previous referee committee.”“.

He continued: “Greishas great experience qualifies him to manage that match for Zamalek and Pyramids while he is sitting in the cabin“.

He continued: “The unpleasant scene of the referee’s exit in the midst of the security guard does not happen except in Egypt. I don’t want security to protect the referees .. I want the referee to be struck, when the player attacks the referee and is crossed out or suspended for a year or two, it will become a lesson to others.“.

And he continued: “Jihad had to add 4 minutes to the stoppage time due to the time that was spent when calculating the penalty kick, returning to the runaway, taking the kick and replacing it.”“.

Regarding the correctness of the penalty kick, he replied: “A correct decision was made by the referee to count the penalty kick. The ball touched the hand of the Pyramids defender and was outside his body. I commend the referees of the video for summoning Greisha.“.

He concluded: “Greisha was one of the candidates to run the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but I imagine that he will become out of the accounts.”


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