Former Sun Downs player attacks Musimane: he will leave Al-Ahly if he loses


Cameroonian launched Roger Fitumba, player Mamelodi Sundowns Former South African, offensive Pitso Musimani The club’s technical director Ahly, In response to Musimani’s statements earlier before the upcoming confrontation.

And the South African website “Sia Crowe” quoted Vitumbas statements in which he said, “I do not think Mosimane made a monster in South Africa, Sun Downs was always a good team, yes Musimane did a great job with the team, but before his presence he was playing well and even after his departure.” We are still playing well. “.

The former Sun Downs player added, “Betso is coaching a great team now and it will be a difficult match. Al-Ahly plays a ball similar to the Sun Downs style, and they are the best in Africa now.”.

Regarding the match that will bring the two teams together tomorrow, Saturday, in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, the former Sun Downs player said, “It will be very difficult. Sun Downs has started to regain his strength and Al-Ahly as long as he is a good team, and I wish Sun Downs victory, and that match will be important to Pizzo, if we look at ambition.” Al-Ahly, his job is at stake, if he loses the confrontation, I think he may lose his job and leave Al-Ahly..

“When you train a team like Al-Ahly, you must know that defeating your traditional opponent in a major tournament may cost you losing your job,” he continued..

Musimini said in the press conference after the Zamalek match in the last round, saying, “Sun Downs is a strong team and made us a monster, and now he wants to defeat me and there is no problem. This is football. I saw Guardiola faced Barcelona when he was with Bayern and lost them, I hope not to lose like him.”“.

Roger Vitumba, a former Sun Downs player, rejected what Petsu Mosimane, the former coach of the current and Al-Ahly team, had said about him making a monster while he was leading the South African club..


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