Former Zamalek guards coach: Jensh and Abu Jabal’s relationship is “lukewarm”


Amr Abdel Salam, the former coach of Zamalek goalkeepers, explained the reality of the dispute between Muhammad Abu Jabal and Mahmoud Abdel Rahim “Jensh”, the white goalkeepers.

During telephone statements to the “Ontime Stadium” program broadcast on the “On Sport” satellite in the early hours of Sunday morning, Abd al-Salam said: “The problem started with interventions from the social media who exaggerated the topic. Yes, there was a problem between Jensh and Abu Jabal, but we made a contract. A session with them was cleared. ”

He added, “Some specific pages and programs (they raised the topic) and some incorrect news were circulated, which made everyone believe that the duo (got stuck and trained some) … This was not entirely happening.”

He continued: “Part of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Jensh and Abu Jabal. You are aware that some are waiting for any reaction from you, so you should have stayed away from social media.”

And he continued: “After Jensh’s statements that Muhammad al-Shennawi was the best goalkeeper and ignored Abu Jabal, we held a session with the duo and the airspace was cleared and it was agreed that the matter was just points of view.”

He continued, “Yes, the relationship between them is tepid, but it is covered by respect and appreciation. The two are committed guards. Yes, there is no banter between them, but the respect is there.”

When asked about the reason for paying Jensh in the Zamalek match against Senegalese Twinget, he said: “I remember well at that time I told me Jimmy Bachkeo (former Zamalek coach) that Abu Jabal needed to rest in order to regain his high physical form, and at the same time Jench was training well and needed a chance.”

Regarding his opinion on the level of Jensh during the last period, he replied: “It was not successful.”

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