From satellites … a heat wave that hits the country within hours and will continue until this date


The Meteorological Authority has published pictures of maps of atmospheric pressure distributions, indicating the presence of a heat wave over the country during the next 72 hours, as it rises Temperatures From Monday to next Wednesday, it will reach 41 degrees over Cairo.

She said a body MeteorologicalIt is expected that the heat wave will start gradually from today, Monday, when the temperature is recorded at 39 degrees during the day in Cairo, and at night 22 degrees, and the peak of this wave is on Wednesday, so the temperature in Cairo is recorded at 41 degrees during daylight hours, and at night it records 23 degrees.

During the next 27 hours, the weather will be very hot throughout the day, moderate at night, and this is accompanied by wind activity in areas of Greater Cairo, the north of the country, Upper Egypt, and South Sinai as well.

After the weather during the next 72 hours, there will be a gradual decrease in temperatures again, starting next Thursday, but not significantly, so that the weather will remain hot all over the country during the coming period.

The Meteorological Authority announced that the country will continue to have very hot weather on Monday, all over the Republic.

ويكون Weather tomorrowIn the day, very hot in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and the south of the country, hot on the northern coasts, moderate at night in all parts.

This is accompanied by intermittent wind activity in areas of northern Upper Egypt and South Sinai.

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