Fuel ran out in the southeast of the United States after the cyber attack on the “Colonial Pipeline” network


Running out of fuel in the southeastern United States after the cyber attack on the network



North Carolina gas stations shutdown (archive)

The fuel was cut off in the southeast of the United States, as drivers rushed to supply their cars, days after the country’s largest “Colonial Pipeline” fuel pipeline network was disrupted due to a cyber attack.

Experts are trying to calm the citizens, saying that “storing fuel will only exacerbate the crisis,” while the rulers of North Carolina and Georgia declared a state of emergency.

The director of the Shell gas station in Robinsville, North Carolina, said in a statement to Yahoo Money, “We have run out of fuel, and we have received an email saying that we can be without fuel for a long time due to the pipeline closure.”

“Demand for fuel jumped on average in the United States by about 20% on Monday, and by 40% in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia exclusively,” said GasBuddy’s chief of petroleum analysis, Patrick de Haan.

The rush for fuel comes after Colonial Pipeline stopped deliveries over the weekend after being hit by a cyberattack, and the company has not yet announced when its main line will be fully operational.

The pipeline affected by the cyber attack extends from Texas to New York, carrying about 45% of all fuel to the East Coast.

Videos spread on the social networking site “Twitter” showing queues of cars in front of gas stations.


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