“Gang rape of a mentally handicapped girl” .. What happened to “Izbat Al Rayyes”


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Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Ramadan Yunus:

Taqa, who suffers from a mental retardation, did not imagine that she would one day be a victim of three human wolves, through which they satiate their instincts during the day in Ramadan.

Taqa – 21 years old, mentally handicapped – grew up in a simple family in Ezbet Al Rayyes in Al Matariyah, and several years ago she lost a helping hand in her “parents” life, and she and her older disabled sister also began to visit their three siblings (Yusef, Ahmed, Muhammad) to stay With them, and in the end, their lives settled in the apartment of their brother “Muhammad” on Najm Street in Izbat Al Rayyes in Al-Matariyah.

On Sunday before last, Ahmed, sister of Taqi, decided to spend a day with him with his children and eat breakfast, which actually happened. After breakfast, Taqah decided to go out with her brother’s children to play down the house.

The next morning, her brother “Ahmed” woke up to go to work, leaving his sister with his wife and children, and after hours worried about “Ahmed” going to work, “Taqi” decided to go down the house again to have fun with the children, like last night.

Calm prevails throughout the area, and silence in every direction, all the doorways of the houses are closed, so the girl did not find children to have fun with them, so she decided to wander around the area looking for little ones to have fun with them, until three young men stopped her and dragged her into an apartment inside the area.

The clock was ticking at nine in the morning. Ahmed’s wife woke up to meet the needs of her house, while she saw the apartment door open and she did not find “Taqi” sleeping on her bed. She called her husband and told him that his sister was not inside the apartment.

For a few moments, “Ahmed” came from work and began the journey to search for his sister by calling inside the mosque microphones sometimes and social media pages at other times, 24 hours during which the three brothers did not stop looking for their sister, until they found her standing in front of a street corner inside the area and they appear on her. Abuse.

“Abdo, a.”, The owner of a butcher shop and one of the eyewitnesses, says that the girl was kidnapped by three people and locked in an apartment in the area, and they did not close the door of the apartment, so the girl managed to escape.

“My brother Taqi asked her where were you?”

“A moment of amazement hit the girl’s siblings and the people of the area, until they decided to go to the police station to write a report of what happened to their sister,“ Oh Pasha, we want to make a report of the kidnapping and rape of a disabled girl. ”- The eyewitness continues –

The girl stood in front of the chief of investigations, her tears did not leave her eyelids, detailing her confessions what the defendants had done with them, “No one who was certified by the families or the chief of the investigations that they were working like this.”

The eyewitness added that the three defendants are all married and have children with the exception of one of them “divorced.” The three defendants work as drivers on microbus cars in the area and use narcotic substances, explaining that the security forces have emptied surveillance cameras in the area, and the defendants appeared to lure the girl into the apartment at the scene of the crime. .

Lieutenant-Colonel Karim Al-Beheiri, head of Al-Matareya Investigation, had received a report stating that a girl with special needs had been absent from Izbat Al-Rayyes in the Al-Matariya region, and immediately a criminal investigation team was formed headed by Brigadier Hazem Al-Derby, head of the sector investigations, and his investigations confirmed that behind the perpetration of the kidnapping and rape of the girl were 3 persons residing in the same Region.

After the procedures were codified, a force of the detectives was able to arrest the perpetrators after the girl’s report, and by confronting them in front of the investigators, they confessed to committing the incident.

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