Gaza and Israel: The World Food Program warns of “a crisis that extends to the region” if “increased pressure” on the Palestinians



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The Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip caused widespread destruction

The World Food Program warned of the possibility of “a crisis that spreads to the entire region” due to the “inability” of many Palestinians in Gaza to withstand more pressure.

On Monday, the program said that it provides emergency aid to more than 51,000 people in northern Gaza, and is requesting $ 46 million to continue its work in the Strip.

“People in Gaza already live on the edge of poverty, and many families do not have enough food to eat. Their conditions have worsened further due to the spread of the Coronavirus and the restrictions imposed to combat it,” said Corinne Fletcher, director of the program in the Middle East and North Africa.

She added, “Most of the people cannot bear more pressure, and the current circumstances may trigger a crisis that extends to the entire region.”

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