Gaza: “It was the worst hour or quarter of my life”


Bissan and her husband

Photo released, Bisan Harb

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Bissan and her husband

Bisan and her groom left their new home in Gaza in a hurry after hearing screams in the street; Neighbors were warning each other after learning that a neighboring house was under threat of bombing.

The couple had prepared for such a possibility and prepared an emergency bag with only their essentials – and Bisan thought the worst that could happen would be to find, upon her return, a broken window or a broken room door.

They left home after three minutes. Bisan closed the door, put the key with her, and followed her husband and his elderly parents to find a place to temporarily hide. It was three quarter in the afternoon local time.

In four and five minutes, a building in the neighborhood was bombed, Bisan Harb, 30, told BBC Arabic. “It was only a quarter of the worst hour of my life.”

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