George Qirdahi, a lover of women … his political stances sparked controversy, and this is the fact that he embraced Islam


There are many ways to reach fame and stardom in the world of media, but the most difficult and difficult ways are those that need talent, study, intelligence, fatigue and effort, and despite all that, the journalist decidedGeorge QirdahiTo follow the most difficult path, and to reach the top of this ascending path. His reward is to raise his hat with the most respected and senior media world.

George Qirdahirequester
George Qirdahi, son of Faytroun Al districtLebanonHe was born in the Kaza of Kesrouan in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, born on May 1, 1950.
His family considered educational achievement to be the most important in life, so they used to go in the winter from the Lebanese region of Faytroun to the town of Ajaltoun, so that George Qirdahi, the child, could receive his lessons at the Lazariyya School, and when the elementary school stage ended, he moved to Luweizeh School until his graduation.
Qirdahi’s father had been Mukhtar for forty years.
LessonGeorge QirdahiAt the Lebanese University, he obtained a degree in law and political science, but his media talent pushed him to refine it with studies, so he studied media when he went to France during the Lebanese war at the “Center for Journalists Preparation” (CFJ), which is known as the “Louvre Road” school.

The price of success is effort and estrangement for many years
The first stop in his media career was in the year 1970 when he worked for the newspaper “Lisan Al Hal”, and in 1973 he went on to present political programs and news inLebanon TV, And 1978 moved toParisHoping that one day he would return to the homeland, and eventually reached Monte Carlo Radio, where he started as a presenter and presenter for political radio programs. His work in the news extended between 1979 and 1992, and George on the radio reached the position of editorial secretary, after which he became editor-in-chief, and he remained In the position two years.
And George Qirdahi also held the position of editor-in-chief at Radio Al Sharq in Paris for two years, and worked as a consultant for mbc television in London, then in 1996 Kordahi moved to “” radio in London. To rid her of all the difficult circumstances that she was going through, and submitted his resignation in 2002 after it was difficult for him to reconcile between presenting the program “Who Will Win a Million” and managing the radio.

The final stop in his career “Who Wants a Millionaire”
In 1999, the mbc network offered him to present the “Who Will Win a Million” program, and the program was launched on November 27, 2000, the first day of Ramadan at that time, and continued for several seasons, in 2005, 2010, and 2015.
In George Cordahi’s career, many programs varied between competition programs and social talk shows. Among the social programs “Open Your Heart”, which was shown on LBCI in 2004, “Forgiveness Karim” on Abu Dhabi and on OSN, Hala, and the talk show with famous personalities “People of the Summit” on OSN Hala.
Among the competition programs are the “Challenge” program, the “Tenth Power” program on MBC1 in 2009, and the “People Quiz” program. The jury is chaired by the Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, the Saudi journalist Sarah Al-Dandarawi, and the Millionaire Program, which is the Egyptian version. From the program “Who Will Win a Million”, which he presented on Al Hayat Channels network in 2012 and continued for one season.
In Ramadan 2019, George Qirdahi presented the program “Name of Egypt”, which was shown daily on ON E, Al Hayat, cbc and dmc channels, and continues to present the closed doors program via ON E.

Charisma, melodious voice and sound Arabic
George Qirdahi is famous for his distinguished personality in his programs, he is charismatic and has a beautiful and melodious voice, and his Arabic language is sound, and his language was derived from his knowledge of the principles of intonation of the Qur’an.

The “Baytoti” man has three children
Qirdahi describes himself as a “home” and loves his family very much and is keen to be with her. He is married and has three children: Gabriel, Pamela and Patricia.

Goodwill Ambassador and Best Media Player of the year 2007
WonGeorge QirdahiAwardMurex roleAs the best journalist in the Arab world for the year 2007, he was also awarded the title of Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Organization.
He was chosen the best presenter for various programs at the Arab level, according to a poll conducted by Al-Sada magazine, and Kordahi is one of the most important and famous 100 Arab personalities, according to the Emirati “Arabian Business” magazine.
Kirdahi has also received many honors, including one with the launch of his new program, “The Arab Millionaire” and the honorable history of Qirdahi – by the Al-Sawsan International Foundation and Al-Majan Business Solutions in the Sultanate of Oman, among other honors.
Qirdahi also holds the Lebanese “Cedar Medal” from the presidentEmile Lahoud, With the rank of captain.

His disagreement with MBC and his stance in favor ofBashar al-Assad
Because of his support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, MBC decided to abandonGeorge QirdahiAnd, he believes that the decision was fundamentally political, and it was not the decision of the MBC group itself, which applied this decision.
Qirdahi’s position is clear, which is that he does not want partitionSyriaAnd he considers that the person capable of preserving the unity of Syria is Bashar al-Assad, and Qirdahi insists on the need to confront ISIS and proceed with the fight against terrorism under the leadership of the Syrian regime.
It seems that once again, Qirdahi’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has become good, as he was honored within the “entertainment industry during the Riyadh season” events.

Kordahi famous position on the trial of Hosni Mubarak
AcrossGeorge QirdahiIn one of the television interviews he expressed his sympathy for the people who were attacked, and martyrs fell in Tahrir Square on the day of the signing of the camel and other days, and he confirmed the right of the people who were attacked to demand the trial of the regime, and said that President Hosni Mubarak at least was very loved for 20 years. Years old, and is appreciated by the Egyptian people, and when he stepped down, he would have gone out to an Arab or foreign country, but he went to Sharm el-Sheikh and said that he wanted to die on the soil of Egypt, and he was sick and was being treated in Germany and he was old, and therefore Qardahi felt that Mubarak’s trial was an insult For national pride, where we see a former president go to bed for trial.

His position on the Arab Spring
Lebanese journalist statedGeorge Qirdahi, That he does not believe in the so-called Arab Spring, considering that revolutions were not automatic and aimed at overthrowing the regimes, and added in one of the television interviews that the Arab Spring is a big hoax, and there are those who studied our history and our personalities and put us in a morgue.

Run for the parliamentary elections
thoughtGeorge QirdahiHe has been running for parliamentary elections for years in the Kesrouan region, but he withdraws from the matter, and considers that in Lebanon electoral interests among politicians outweigh the interests of the people.

Also an advertisement star with his own fragrance
He appeared in several advertisements, and has his own fragrance that bears his name.

When does he cry?George Qirdahi؟
George Qirdahi says that the times he cried the most in his life, is when his father died and his mother died, and his tears descend upon seeing injustice, such as the killing of Muhammad al-Durrah while he was in his father’s arms, and the injustice that befell people due to slaughter and murder.
He considers that these scenes have nothing to do with Islam, and the one who will confront that is Al-Azhar, which Qirdahi considers the beacon of Muslims, and when the sheikhs of Al-Azhar speak, Qirdahi kneels and prays.

The truth of his embracing Islam
DenialGeorge QirdahiThat he had been convertedIslamAnd he said that Islam is not far from its Christianity, and from its preservation of the Qur’anic verses, and he says that this is because of his love for the Arabic language and his love for the Prophet Muhammad and the teachings of Islam, in addition to the fact that the Qur’anic verses contain the language of miracles, and he expressed his love for the meanings of the Qur’anic verses, for there are verses that are the map of every person’s life And in it of morals, knowledge, knowledge, humility and many things in our life, and he added that he was born a Maronite Christian and will remain a Maronite and his Maronite is his nationalism, as he considers that in Lebanon our doctrines are our nationalities and not only a spiritual and religious affiliation.
On the other hand, Qirdahi thought Aldaasha to return called the Koran, citing a verse from the Koran considered to symbolize the Christian and Islamic religions: “And argue not with the people of the book, but one that is better only those who wronged them, and say a safe which has been revealed to us and revealed to you, God and your God is one and we have Muslims “ Spider 46.
RemainsGeorge QirdahiA milestone in the world of media, for he, with his high morals, preserved the literature of the media, also preserved his family, and was far from problems and scandals, despite all the rumors that befell him.


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