Ghada Abdel Razek in “Gazelle meat” .. Did he succeed in absorbing the applause of the people?


Do you remember the game (Snakes and Ladders) ?! The life of the stars and their relationship with the audience, in part, you will find that it is a variation on that game that we used to play in our childhood – of course the children of this generation do not know it – a ladder may come that raises the artist in a moment to the highest point, and perhaps after he settles on the top, he gets bitten by a snake that lands him without It is called one, to the seventh of the land .. I mean down the board.

You can follow the artist as he deals with success, to realize whether he will continue to climb, or is he prone to stumbling? Was he able to absorb the applause of the people, or was he intoxicated by the audience’s turnout and the rush of production companies?

It really worked Ghada Abdel Razek In becoming a figure in drama since 2009, but she did not know how to maintain that position that she achieved on the small screen, and stumbled .. She wanted to become a movie star, and this did not come true, because cinema has another law, and its energy was wasted in losing battles, It was not convinced that every artist (media) shines in it, and that combining more than one field is the exception, and that it is not an exception.

She did not maintain much of the position she had achieved on the small screen, after her name had its marketing value in selling to satellite channels, but she did not realize how to preserve it. This timing coincided with the emergence of another generation of stars such as Nelly Karim and Menna Shalaby, who began to pose a threat to her, achieving a critical and public welcome, while Ghada was only receiving the public welcome, but the numbers did not continue to support her, and she began a few years ago the journey of stumbling.

When the presenter of the program in “Sky News Arabia” asked her about her next series a few days before the start of Ramadan? Her answer was not encouraging at all, and she said the story is not new, and contains no surprises, but through it I seek to regain once again the popular atmosphere, in which she succeeded.

Thus I repeated the experience with the writer Iyad Ibrahim in (Venison) By director Muhammad Osama, after we saw her almost in similar settings last year, with the same writer in (Sultana Al-Muizz).

Is it possible to go back to an ancient time and regain the same success? If only she would take the advice of the six (Umm Kulthum) In her splendor (The Late Time) when she said with the words of Morsi Jamil Aziz and eloquent compositions of Hamdi: “We want to go back as old as time … Say to the time, go back, oh time … and give me a heart that has neither persevered nor love, nor was hurt nor cured of deprivation (meaning that it is impossible.

The first rule of thumb for the artist to remain on the field is to quickly turn the page of the past, to start a new page.

In 2009, with the series (Al-Batiniya), the story of Ismail Wali al-Din and the scenario of Mustafa Muharram, with the giant Salah al-Saadani, was with her, it achieved overwhelming success. The movie, which was released in 1980, also smashed all of the revenues that preceded it.

(Al-Batinah) is the most famous neighborhood in selling drugs, and Ghada has never hidden her desire to regain the cinematic glory of Nadia Al-Jundi, but on the small screen.

Then, in 2010, she decided to present the female face of Hajj Metwally, which is one of the most popular series that has enjoyed and is still popular, starring Nour Sharif and Ghada also participated in the role of one of Hajj Metwally’s wives.

Mustafa Muharram, author of (Haji Metwally) also wrote for her (Zahra and her five husbands).

Then the compass was changed in series such as (With Premeditation), (Hayat’s Story), (The First Lady), (Al-Kabous) and (Al-Khanka). The media, who works for her to confirm that she is still “Number One”.

What did you present in (gazelle meat) despite the variety of new look that you present to the public? More than once, she moves between the popular environment in which the atmosphere is taking place, or the bulk of it, to wear the latest fashion and wig, in the manner of the artist and media person Maya Diab, as if she is cloning it. She wants to regain her lost place on the map, but all her weapons look like “Vishnak”.

Ghada Abdel Razek is currently standing on shifting sands, if she wants to survive, she must first take into account the time differences, to realize that time does not return. She will never win the battle to regain existence if she does not completely fold the past, and start a new page, and from the beginning of the line.


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