Gold entered the tram today: you cannot see it


Gold prices recorded today, Sunday, May 2, 2021, in complete stability in its price today compared to yesterday’s prices in all goldsmiths’ stores during Sunday morning’s trading.

On this subject, you will get acquainted with us with all the gold prices today, Sunday, May 2, 2021 in all the goldsmiths’ shops as it came in today’s morning dealings and came as follows:

gold price

The price of the 21-carat gold, the most popular and selling one, was about 776 pounds

Today, the price of 18-carat gold is about 664 pounds

The price of 24-carat gold today ranged around 886 pounds

The price of gold today, 22 carat, was about 810 pounds

The price of 14-carat gold today was about 513 pounds

The price of the pound of gold today is about 6209 pounds.


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