Gold prices today, Tuesday 4-5-2021 in Egypt


Record gold price In Egypt today, it stabilized at 780 pounds per gram of 21 caliber, which is the best-selling in Egypt, despite the fact that international gold prices rose significantly late Monday evening, which raised gold In Egypt, it reached 785 pounds at the time of the market closing in Cairo. However, prices returned to a global decline, which made the price of gold fall to the same levels as the opening price of trading on Monday noon, after it had risen 4 pounds.

Gold prices today:

Caliber 18 records 668 pounds per gram.

Caliber 21 records 780 pounds per gram.

Caliber 24 records 892 pounds per gram.

The gold pound today is 6240 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $ 1783.

Followers of the gold movement globally and locally expect increases in the price of the yellow metal, due to a significant increase in the rates and curve of infection with the Coronavirus in a number of countries.

Mamdouh Abdullah, one of the gold producers in Egypt, said that the price of an ounce had already increased at the beginning of trading this week by 0.52%, to levels approaching $ 1780, with the continued push to rise due to the great concern in the world about the escalating rates of infection with the Coronavirus.

He added in statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the price is subject to an increase in global trading, in light of investors’ fear of an economic contraction again, due to the curve of Coronavirus infections, with the trend of economic closure of countries with large economies.


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