Google accidentally reveals a picture of its new phone


And publication “GoogleBy mistake, a picture of the Pixel 5 or 5G phone, revealing some private details With the camera Built into the device, before you delete it later.

According to the American “Forbes” magazine, the specialist site 9to5Google Technical news, Then Phone camera Supports “High Dynamic Range” technology, which makes the images displayed on the screen completely realistic, identical to what can be seen in the real world.

The phone camera also supports “interchangeable image file format”, that is, preserving the metadata of images or sounds captured and recorded, such as date, time, location, focal length, camera settings, and copyright.

Such information is essential for photographers and for applications that work with or process these digital images, making it easier to evaluate image quality.

According to the “GSM Arena” site, the upcoming “Google” phone, which is expected to be launched next June, will be equipped with a “Snapdragon 765G” processor, 6 GB of random access memory, while the internal storage capacity is 128 GB.


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