Google is redesigning its offices for the post-pandemic world .. Know what it did


Google is redesigning its offices for the post-pandemic world, according to a new report from the New York Times that includes many photos and videos showing the company’s plans, and the company’s first office was a crowded garage in Silicon Valley, and in 2003, five years after its founding. , The company moved to a headquarters called Googleplex.

According to TechNews Arabia, airy, open offices and quirky common spaces set the standard for what an innovative workplace was supposed to look like.

The amenities built up and over the years, as food was free, so were buses to and from work, getting to the office and staying there all day was easy.

The company that has redefined how an employer treats its employees is trying to redefine the office itself.

Google is working to create a post-pandemic workplace that accommodates employees who used to work from home over the past year and don’t want to stay in the office all the time anymore.

Over the next year or so, Google plans to experiment with new office designs with millions of square feet of space, or about 10 percent of its global business space.

Some of these solutions try to solve the problems that exist due to the open office standard, and here are some of the mentioned methods:

• Capsules containing chairs, desks and storage units can be moved and rearranged within hours.

• Robot inflatable walls to create temporary boundaries between open-plan offices.

• Fabric upper duct system which is attached with zippers and can be moved to different seating arrangements.

• A new circular conference room with large vertical screens showing the faces of people calling the video.

• More outdoor work and meeting spaces with tables and chairs in outdoor tents.

• A workstation that remembers users’ settings and adjusts temperature, altitude, and tilt of the screen based on the employee card.

• Connect optional leaf-shaped sections called petals to desks to get rid of glare.

• Office chairs with built-in headrest loudspeakers make white noise to mute the near sound.

• Outdoor work areas consisting of grass and a wooden floor the size of four tennis courts with wireless network.

• A collection of different movable walls that can be packed and shipped to offices all over the world.


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