Google launches the second version of its business accelerator program for startups


Google has announced the opening of applications for the second edition of the “Google Accelerator for Emerging Business: Middle East and North Africa” ​​program, in response to the great interest that the first version of the program received after its completion.

The Google Business Startup Accelerator: MENA is a three-month digital business acceleration program targeting technology startups in the Seed and Series A seeding stages in the region.

The program is scheduled to start in mid-July 2021 within a virtual platform, and the first edition included the top 10 startups from six Arab countries, among which four are headed by women: Abwab (Jordan), Carers (Jordan), and Shefa (Egypt). DABCHY (Tunisia), Designhubz (United Arab Emirates), Lamsa (United Arab Emirates), Lindo (Saudi Arabia), Nafas Meditation App (Oman), Viavii (Jordan), 360 VUZ (United Arab Emirates).

Similar to the first edition, the founders of the selected startups will be asked to identify the most important challenges facing them, and then coordinate with relevant experts from Google and the sector to solve these challenges, and the program will also include providing support and training services to founders of emerging companies on various technical and professional challenges, in addition to An opportunity to participate in workshops on machine learning technologies, product design, user experience design, customer acquisition and leadership skills, and participants will also receive one-on-one training sessions from experts from Google and other tech companies to help them pitch their ideas to investors after the program ends.

Eligibility requirements include that the startup be working in the technology field, headquartered in the MENA region, and receiving initial funding, and Google will also take into account the problem that the startup is trying to solve and how it works to provide a valuable experience for users, as well as its willingness to use the latest technologies. In order to solve the current challenges and grow in the long term.

“Congratulations to the ten graduates of the first edition of the program, and with the help of more than a hundred trainers from Google and other key representatives in the Startup Forum, we were able to support the founders of startups to beat them,” said Salim Obaid, Google’s Regional Developer Relations Officer. Challenges related to product development, how to set goals and key results, and how to explore growth opportunities using advanced technologies, we hope that in the second edition, we will be able to provide more local business owners with the latest digital skills for growth and to face the unforeseen societal challenges resulting from the Corona pandemic.

Submissions for the second edition of Google Business Startup Accelerator in the MENA region will remain open until May 25, 2021, with the names of the selected startups to be announced in early July 2021.


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