Google provides a special song via the voice assistant to encourage receiving the Corona vaccine .. Video


Major institutions and countries of the world are keen to encourage citizens to receive the emerging anti-corona virus vaccine, and for this goal Google launched a special song available to users of the company’s products, so that the Google voice assistant performs the vaccine song, and it is possible to choose in the phone settings between the performer with the voice of a man or a woman.

To listen to the song, Android phone users have to request the song from the Google Voice Assistant, which says the song: “Let’s celebrate because we have a vaccine that brings us back to our old routine, as it was released to build our immunity while we care about our communities.” People reluctant to get vaccinated to prevent coronavirus.

This comes as three CEOs of major technology companies joined, including Sander Pichai from Google, and Bonnet Ringen from Google Inc. DeloitteAnd Chantano Narain of Adobe, to the Steering Committee of the Global Task Force on Epidemic Response, which is overseeing an unprecedented corporate sector initiative to help India combat COVID19 Successfully.

The names of the three chief executives of Indian origin were added to the Steering Committee’s list on Thursday, and the three CEOs have been active in organizing the US companies ’response to the crisis. COVID- 19 In India, among those added to the list on Thursday were Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Joshua Bolton, President and CEO,Business Roundtable And Susan Clark, President and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce.

The Task Force is a newly formed public-private partnership organized by the American Chamber of Commerce with the support of Business RoundtableAnd it is working with the American-Indian Business Council of the Chamber and the Strategic Partnership Forum between the United States and India to take immediate measures to help counter the spread of the Coronavirus in India, and the US corporate sector has so far allocated more than 25,000 oxygen concentrators to India, with the first 1,000 oxygen concentrators arriving. , Provided by a company Deloitte, To India on April 25.

Together, these companies will provide more than $ 30 million in support of Indias healthcare response – to join the dozens of companies that have pledged to support them in the effort to provide oxygen concentrators, develop information and best practices to support employees in India and more, the task force said..

Other members of the steering committee include Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture ; Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Brian Moynihan, Chairman and CEO of Bank of America; Raj Subramaniam, Chief FedEx ; Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM.


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