Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar: There is no renewal of peremptory texts in any way


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Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, said that the International Conference of Al-Azhar for the Renewal of Islamic Thought, which was held in January of last year, which was held after a thorough study of the selection of topics and defining their concepts, and their discussion in the Council of Senior Scholars in a discussion that approached one year It is a continuation of several efforts that are difficult to enumerate and present, which confirms that Al-Azhar was – and will remain – the “citadel of diligence and renewal” in Islam throughout the history of Muslims, after the age of the four imams and other imams of the recognized jurisprudence, referring to what is fixed in history that the heritage of Muslims He was close to perishing after what was lost at the hands of the invaders in Andalusia in the west, and after the Tatars burned him in the east, and if it were not for what Al-Azhar did and Egypt did in the four centuries AD, from the twelfth to the fifteenth; When there was what is now called the Arab-Islamic heritage.

During his speech on the twenty-second episode of his Ramadan program, “The Good Imam,” the Sheikh of Al-Azhar referred to the books and messages that Al-Azhar scholars have singled out throughout history on the topic of renewal, both old and new, and they are in response to the statement because he, peace be upon him, said: “God is sending this Every hundred years are those who renew their debts for them, and in their introduction: Imam Al-Suyuti (died 911 AH), that is, more than five hundred years ago, and he is flowering from his head to the soles of his feet, and he has a book on this topic: And another book entitled: “Responding to Those Who Have Immortalized to Earth and Are Unaware that Ijtihad is Imposed in Every Age” and a message: “Guiding the Rightly Guided to Support the Mujahidin”, affirming that his talk about these scholars is like defending the greatness of the past that is not exposed today. They know who they are who dare to, and do not want to know, after being lured by a false foam creeping from the shores of a country that does not know what the Lord of the worlds is, and does not want to know Him.

The sheikh of Al-Azhar explained that our mourning in this affliction is a wisdom overflowing with the pen of the giant writer Abbas Al-Akkad, in which he said: “What is equal to a person for whom the great man is not worth anything, and if greatness is lost among people, how can he not lose among them the young! And the Council of Senior Scholars and the Islamic Research Academy in Egypt, he said his last speech on the issue of renewal – that there is no renewal in definitive texts in any way, as for speculative texts they are the subject of diligence and renewal, explaining that most definitive texts relate to acts of worship, what is going on, and that the speculative texts relate to transactions. .

He said: “A scholar, no matter how broad of knowledge and extraordinary intelligence, can not – or even dare – inform us about the premise of prayer and other acts of worship, and the prohibition of adultery, theft, wine and gambling, and the prohibition of usury and usury, and that there is no harm to the soul or harm to others, as well as the provisions of inheritance The fixed text is a definitive verbatim text from the Holy Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah, especially the inheritance of a brother and his sister, in the Almighty saying: [النساء: 11]He explained that this text on inheritance rulings is being subjected today to desperate attempts to change it to their equality in inheritance, and programs are devoted to it on the screens of European Arabic-language stations, in which the Holy Qur’an hosts Muslim men and Muslim women. Consistent with the Western laws of inheritance, indicating that he does not draw the attention of these and those to the words of God Almighty! Contained in the beginning of Surat An-Nisa ‘is the divine division of the shares of inheritance, and that these shares are limits determined by God.

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