Grandson of great producer Asya Dagher dies


Muhammad Ali Burhan, grandson of the great producer and artist Assia Dagher, has passed away from our world today, at the age of more than 70 years.

The grandson of Asia, who took the position of Director General of Coastal Zones in the Environmental Affairs Agency, announced that he had been infected with the Coronavirus on April 22.

The seventh day had been alone in the first dialogue with the grandson of producer Asia before his departure, and in his first media appearance, he revealed secrets for the first time about the life of his grandmother, the pioneer of cinema, who was called the mother of Egyptian cinema and the dean of the producers, and about her career and artistic performance, and the scenes of her most important work, including: El-Nasser Salah El-Din My heart responded and the prince of revenge, and the details of her relationship with President Sadat and the story of her daughter Mona Dagher’s Islam.

The grandson indicated that his grandmother married and gave birth to her only daughter Eileen – who later became the artist Mona Dagher – and her husband and daughter died at a young age, and then she took her daughter and immigrated to Egypt with her sister and daughter of her sister Mary Queenie, who was a child at the time.

Burhan talked about the story of his mother, the artist Mona Dagher, who was famous for the roles of isolation and the evil girl, stressing that she entered this field to save a situation, as all the artists rejected the role of the evil girl, so director Henry Barakat suggested that she play the role, and changed her name from Eileen to Mona Dagher. .

Burhan also talked about the story of his mother’s Islam, the actress Mona Dagher in the thirties and before her marriage to his father, her mother’s position on her Islam and how she dealt with her, stressing that his grandmother did not object to his mother’s Islam, as this was preceded by the marriage of her sister’s daughter, Mary Queenie, to director Ahmed Galal, but Queenie did not convert Islam.

The grandson talked about the religious atmosphere in the house of the great producer Asia between the Christian grandmother, the daughter and the Muslim grandchildren, and how his grandmother kept the Qur’an and the Bible and urged him to perform the Friday prayer and was keen to hear the Qur’an daily.

The son of the artist, Mona Dagher, also revealed the fact that his mother is the first Christian and the first actress to be buried in Al-Baqi, published in the publications.

Muhammad Ali Burhan (1)

Muhammad Ali Burhan

Muhammad Ali Burhan (2)

Muhammad Ali Burhan


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