Grievances Committee: Our decision regarding grievances against Imam Ashour’s punishment is within hours … Some are provoking the masses


Adel El-Shorbagy, head of the grievances committee of the Egyptian Football Association, announced that the committee’s decision regarding the Zamalek club’s grievance against Imam Ashour’s sanctions is imminent.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association had decided to punish a number of players from the 1999-born Zamalek club, after a widespread video of a number of its players insulting a number of Al-Ahly club officials after the match that brought their two teams together.

Based on the video clip, the Disciplinary Committee announced, through an official statement issued by it, that Imam Ashour would be suspended for 12 matches and a fine of 200,000 pounds, in addition to the suspension of 5 other youths 8 matches and a 100,000 pounds fine for each of them.

“This is the 10-day period for submitting a grievance, after the period, any grievance that is submitted is considered unacceptable,” Al-Shorbaji said in statements to Ontime Sports Channel this afternoon.

He continued, “These 10 days are for those affected by the decision, and the committee allows it to greet the clubs in order to submit their grievances. After this period, the committee begins to consider these grievances, so what remains 4 or 5 days later in the middle of holidays, we say it is late, and the media outlets are proud that there is a delay.

He continued, “Habib announced through the program that within hours we will announce the decisions, but what if the committee decided, before making a decision, to meet with the players before issuing the decision? Certainly, the postponement will take place.”

He added, “Not every incident is like another, there are some grievances that are decided upon immediately upon consideration, and there are other cases that have circumstances that require you to listen to the parties and watch videos and documents to clarify matters to the committee. There is an excitement for the masses through statements, and this is unacceptable.”


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