Grievances: The Ismaili punishment will not be considered again


Adel El Shorbagy, head of the complaints committee of the Egyptian Football Association, revealed his opinion regarding the penalty for deducting three points from the Ismaili Club.

El Shorbagy said in statements on the “Ontime Sports 1” screen in the early hours of Monday morning: “The decision will not be considered again.”

He added, “If I am the one who makes the decision, I will accept reconciliation if the Ismaili Club decides to pay the financial fees to the Al-Nujoom Club.”

He continued: “Ismaily decided to appeal the decision of deducting 3 points, but reconciliation between the Ismaili and Al-Nujoum clubs did not take place.”

A crisis occurred between the Ismaili clubs and Al-Nujoom over the current player, Ibrahim Hassan, the current Pyramids player, and the former Dervish.

Ibrahim Hassan wore the Al-Nujoom shirt years ago, after which he moved to Ismaili in 2013, before moving to Zamalek in 2018 and from there to Pyramids.

Mohamed Al Tawila, chairman of Al-Nujoom Club, had previously demanded that Ismaili pay 20 million pounds for Al-Nujoom, who is currently playing in the Second Division League.

It is worth noting that Ismaili ranks 15th with 17 points, after defeating El Entag El Harby with two unanswered goals.


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