Grievances: We will issue the decision regarding Imam Ashour’s punishment within hours


Adel El Shorbagy, head of the grievances committee of the Football Association, confirmed that the committee will issue its decision on the grievance filed by Zamalek club regarding the suspension of Imam Ashour, within a few hours.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association had decided to punish a number of players from the 1999-born Zamalek club, after a widespread video of a number of its players insulting a number of Al-Ahly club officials after the match that brought their two teams together.

Based on the video clip, the Disciplinary Committee announced, through an official statement issued by it, that Imam Ashour would be suspended for 12 matches and a fine of 200,000 pounds, in addition to the suspension of 5 other youths 8 matches and a 100,000 pounds fine for each of them.

The Zamalek club had announced earlier that the committee managing the club’s affairs decided to appeal to the Football Association’s grievance committee against the decisions issued against a number of youth team players.

Al-Shorbaji said in statements to “Ontime Sports 1”: “The deadline that we set is to file a grievance, and after this period the committee considers this grievance, and we are in a period of holidays and holidays, so no one can say that we are late in issuing the decision regarding the punishment of Imam Ashour and the young Zamalek players.” .

He continued: “Nevertheless, within hours, we will issue a decision, and there are cases that need to ask people, watch videos, and open investigations. Each case has its own circumstances. It is not required to provoke the masses, and it may require that we question these players.”

He added: “Reducing, removing or maintaining the penalty. The three cases are mentioned, and penalties cannot be increased, and God willing, the decision will be issued in a short time.”

Al-Shorbaji concluded his statements: “No one from the Zamalek club has contacted me, and they are confident in the committee, and our Lord reconciles the committee that it has the right, and we do not look at my names or colors.”


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