Haaland’s agent reveals the position of the “golden boy” of the Spanish football poles Real Madrid and Barcelona


Minio Raiola, the Norwegian business agent Erleg Haaland, said that Real Madrid and Barcelona have the ability to sign the Borussia Dortmund star, despite the difficult financial conditions of the two parties due to the Corona pandemic.

Mineo Raiola said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “AS”: “Haaland, like all stars, puts football first and there is no other way. Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic do this, they make football the focus of their lives, and Haaland does not know any restaurants in Dortmund.” He studies a lot, how he can improve and train hard, and for me the heroes are the simplest people. ”

Raiola responded to a question about his sudden travel to Barcelona and Madrid with Haaland’s father, saying: “You will not believe the reason if I tell you the truth. Haaland’s father wanted to go to Marbella, and I also wanted to travel, to congratulate Laporta as well as Madrid, and we did all the things together, and I travel 99% and no one knows where I go. ”

And about whether the tour was for advertising purposes: “The strangest thing is that there is no special gate at Barcelona airport, and there are 24 hours of journalists, and I think they were waiting for a famous artist, not sports photographers, but at the same time there is nothing to hide, and I talk a lot with Barcelona director Jose Angel Sanchez in Real.

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Raiola said that Haaland did not tell him his desire for the team he wanted to play in, and he should tell him this when things are clear and at that time he will prepare a list of clubs and present it to him, but now he cannot do this, but what they know now is that Dortmund spoke strictly and told him that he was not On sale this is for sure.

Haaland’s agent stressed that the German club does not want to sell the player, but left the door ajar, saying: “This is what they said, so we have to wait to see if this desire will continue until September 1,” and revealed that he is considering leaving Haaland, unlike the Dortmund management.

In response to a question about who will pay Haaland the most, the Premier League clubs or the Spanish League, La Liga, he replied: “Haaland likes him two things: Scoring goals because he is like Ronaldo or Zlatan, and he has a positive obsession with winning titles, and of course he will choose where He will get these things, and when an offer from a club such as Barcelona or Real Madrid arrives with this great history, he cannot be rejected, and Paris Saint-Germain has begun to enter the adult group, and City tries to reach and Juventus is always present, as well as interested in the tournament in which he will play, and Saint Germain plays in “The worst league is among the adults, and in Spain there is a struggle between 3 clubs for the title, and in Germany there is a strong league, but we always know who wins.”

And about Real Madrid’s ability to bear Haaland’s expenses and contract with him, he said: “I do not really know the issue of bearing his expenses, because I did not study his financial affairs, but I think he can buy it, but the question is: Can the Real Madrid afford not to buy Haaland? What about Barcelona?”

He added, “Barcelonas situation is complicated, but not impossible. This is the job of the club president. The same applies to players and clubs. The train passes and you have to know what to do, ride it or not, and this is the big question.”

And the “golden boy” Erling Haaland (20 years), whose market value is estimated at 110 million euros, is the interest of top European clubs, after he shined remarkably with Borussia Dortmund, who scored 33 goals in 34 games, including 10 in seven matches. Within the European Football Champions League this season.

Source: “AS”


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