Hala Al-Turk swept Rania Youssef with an exciting appearance


Actress Hala Al-Turk posted a photo of her on Instagram, wearing a dress above the knee with a chiffon piece at the bottom, and her hair, with soft makeup, added magic to her look.

Hala Al-Turk’s image attracted the admiration of the followers, who flirted with her overpowering beauty and femininity, with words of love and support.

It is reported that Hala Al-Turk is living in a crisis with her mother after she filed a fraud case against her mother and accused her of stealing 200,000 Bahraini dinars from her, so a Bahraini court decided to imprison the artist Hala al-Turk’s mother for a year with work and running out, and Hala’s mother, Mona al-Saber, confirmed that there is no point in paying the amount now And she must give up a solution until the verdict is stopped, ”adding that she was shocked that her daughter did not drop the case.
The case of Hala Al-Turk with her mother is causing a sensation on social media, especially since the ruling coincided with the date of Mother’s Day, which falls on March 21.


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