Halle Berry appears with long hair and reveals the secret of her Oscars look


She had one of the hottest looks at the Oscars last Sunday thanks to a very short hairstyle, but global superstar Halle Berry removed the confusion among her fans when she revealed that she was only wearing a wig at the party.

Halle Berry at the Oscars with a wig
Halle Berry at the Oscars with a wig

Halle Berry with her real hair
Halle Berry with her real hair

The 54-year-old Oscar winner showed off her stunning caramel hair in a gorgeous sunlit selfie posted on her page on Instagram.

Haley seemed to be out in nature with tall trees and leaves in the background as the lens glowed from the sun partially blocking her face, wearing a floppy hat and looking away.

Fans of Halle Berry responded in the comments with “Sure! I couldn’t believe it for a moment!”

And in another comment, “So glad she had a wig – your natural hair is great,” a follower joked, “Don’t do it again,” but others defended her right to try new looks.

“Even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t understand why people stumbled so hard. I personally liked it, it was so cute.”

The international star Haley Berry had revealed pictures with her husband before going to the Oscars, where she collected romantic clips between Haley and her husband in the garden of her home, and Haley Berry appeared in clips alone to highlight the elegance of her purple outfit, which she looked very shiny when Stand it on the red carpet for the 93rd Academy Awards.

The red carpet for the 93rd Academy Awards was attended by Margo Robbie, where she appeared with a classy look, and Margo was preceded for the red carpet by Halle Berry and Daniel Kaluuya, nominee for Best Supporting Actor for a movie. Judas and the Black MessiahBest Director nominee, Emerald Fennell Promising Young WomanOscar-nominated Lee Isaac Cheung for best director -notStephen Yeon, the film’s hero, is the first Asian-American actor to be nominated for a Best Actor award for a film -notPaul Raggie, Liz Harley Russey, Lil Real Hurry and Ariana Depose at Historic Union Railroad Station.

It is noteworthy that the Academy of Arts and Theater imposed a number of restrictions on attending the concert, including that guests of the 2021 Oscars did not wear medical masks while attending the ceremony, despite the high number of people infected with the Coronavirus around the world during the current period, as the Academy of Arts and Theater Sciences said that wearing masks Medical and face masks are not necessary, as the ceremony is treated as a televised act, so wearing masks in front of the cameras is not necessary.


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