Hamdok to “CNN”: The Renaissance Dam is a fateful issue for the security and future of millions in Sudan and Egypt


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The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok, said that the Renaissance Dam is a serious and fateful issue that concerns the security and future of millions in the downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan.

Hamdok added in an interview with “CNN”: “President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s talk about the Renaissance Dam and the possibility of it causing a major crisis in the region was aimed at attracting the world’s attention to the sensitivity and fate of the issue to Egypt and Sudan.”

Hamdok explained that “Sudan is the first country to call for the African solution to the Renaissance Dam as an African issue, and from the beginning we supported the intervention of the African Union as an observer for the negotiations over a year, and we wanted to develop the role of the African Union as a regional institution that has priority in our continent, from the position of the observer to playing the role of mediator to solve problems. Lingering ».

He continued, saying: “The Renaissance Dam can provide many benefits for the three countries, but in order to benefit from these positive effects, we must first reach a final and binding agreement that enables us to plan our lives and our future, and that takes into account the rules of international law.”

Regarding the border problems with Ethiopia, Hamdok said: “The border areas between the two countries are defined and settled since the 1902 Treaty, and it is not understood that they are still raising this conflict, and despite this, Sudan insists on following diplomatic methods in preserving its sovereignty, through the joint committee to discuss Subject, which met at least twice in the last six months.

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