Hamo Beca raises controversy with a 3,000 EGP Sahour bill: it is not a motive


11:59 PM

Friday, April 30, 2021

I wrote – Amira Helmy

Festivals singer Omar Kamal posted a video on his Facebook page during the suhoor with his colleague Hamo Beka in one of the “Madinaty” restaurants, during a dispute over who would pay the Suhoor account, which reached EGP 3074.

The suhoor included the popular dishes known at the Ramadan table of french fries, eggplant, beans, falafel, yogurt and rolled eggs, but the duo were surprised by the restaurant’s prices and both tried to avoid paying in a humorous way.

Thousands of people shared the video and conversation that took place between the couple and a restaurant employee before Omar Kamal paid the bill.

The incident is not the first time for the exaggerated prices for the dawn, since two years ago, the pioneers of social media circulated the image of a “Suhour bill” in one of the famous restaurants in Maadi, which amounted to 3932 pounds.

The bill sparked the ridicule and mockery of observers two years ago, at the exaggerated prices. For example, the price of “foul” was 75 pounds, the price of Baramili cheese was 100 pounds, while the price of Shakshouka reached 270 pounds.

Among the items that caused controversy in the bill were “fava beans with oil”, which was priced at 105 pounds, and “rolled eggs”, the price of one egg was 25 pounds.


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