Harassment: An investigation by the Australian Gymnastics Federation reveals a pervasive culture of abuse and bullying


A gymnast preparing

Photo released, Getty Images

An independent report on the gymnastics game revealed in aAustralia، About the culture of theTHarsh the physical, psychological, emotional and sexual domain.

The Australian Human Rights Commission indicated that the report revealed the penetration of the culture of bullying, and the contempt for the shape of the body in the upper levels of the game in the country, on top of which is the idea of ​​the necessity of winning anything in return, which led to physical abuse and abuse.

“These results are shocking,” said the Australian Gymnastics Federation, which mandated the commission to launch the investigation last year.

“The Australian Gymnastics Federation unconditionally apologizes to all athletes and their families who have suffered these abusive behavior,” he added in a statement.

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