He participated in campaigns against drug dealers .. Samir Ghanem and dreamed of wearing a suit


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Monday 03 May 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

“Wearing an officer suit” was among the dreams of the artist Samir Ghanem, which was lost and could not live very much in reality, and his loss is the unforgettable shock in the life of the great comedian, who is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Artist Samir Ghanem, who was born in the village of “Abu Kassah”, in the Fayoum Center, in an interview with him on the occasion of his honor at the Cairo Film Festival with critic Tariq Al-Shennawi, talked about the beginnings of the dream of wearing the Miri suit, and said: “My father was a police brigade, and he was the one who helped me at the beginning of my journey on Entering the Police College, after I got the Tawjihi certificate, and I was in the last class bearing this certificate before it became a high school.

In response to his question, did you not take from your father firmness and intensity, and for this it is not permissible to become an officer ?! The great artist replied: “No, I would have become an officer.”

Style “I mean, different from all the officers you see even in the movies, I would have become an officer, neither before nor after.”

Samir Ghanem talked about his first year at the Police College, and said, “It was within the exercise that I campaigned against drug dealers. I saw another world and complete discipline from the officers, and I was an athlete and mastered the sport of swimming, and the officer supervising our training was the artist Salah Zulfikar, with all his presence and handsomeness. And he was an ideal for all of us, and at that time he was a three-star captain, and I loved him very much, and I dreamed of becoming like him, he was at the top of elegance and beauty. “

Regarding the period he spent in the Police College, he said: “I spent two years because I failed the first year. I got high grades in police sciences with a grade of distinction, but the problem was in law sciences. I do not forget the doctor of Sharia, whose name is Sheikh Ali Al-Khafif. My complex is strong, so I failed and I was repeating the Sunnah, theoretical sciences based on direct memorization, really colliding with my nature, and I failed again in the second year, and this time failure was in two out of three subjects, namely the Sharia and the Constitution, because they depend only on memorization, and I am in this moment Balata, and it was my last chance in college, after which I was finally dismissed. “

The great comedian revealed his condition after dismissal from the Police College, and said: “I was in a bad psychological state. I was sad after I put on the Miri suit. It became unavailable. For me, an unforgettable shock, and my father was shocked, but I was also into the military college, the army suit. It formed an ambition for me, and I actually applied in the aviation college, and passed all medical examinations except for my eyesight. My hope was to become a pilot officer after my failure to wear a police officer suit. “

Artist Samir Ghanem is currently undergoing treatment in intensive care in a hospital, as he suffers from laziness in kidney function, while his wife, the artist Dalal Abdulaziz, has been detained for days in intensive care, after she was infected with the Corona virus.

Samir Ghanem in the movie Troubled Army


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