He refused to help him get married … Details of the slaughter of an “unemployed” father after his head was smashed into the pyramid


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The Al-Haram Prosecution office in Giza, on Tuesday, ordered the detention of an “unemployed” person accused of killing his father, for 24 hours until the security services’ investigations to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

The Public Prosecution office authorized the burial of the victim’s body, and requested investigations by the security services to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

The preliminary investigations stated that the accused had slaughtered his father after smashing his head, and the investigations reported that the father refused to marry his son.

And «Fran», had written a report finding the body of his father – 61 years old, in his apartment in the Haram area.

By conducting an inspection, it was found that the victim had a slaughtered wound in the neck, as a result of assaulting him with a sharp object (a knife). It was also found that the corpse was smashed into the skull from the back, as a result of hitting the ground.

The reporter said, in the police report, that his father is sick with cirrhosis and does not go out of his home, and he is the caregiver as his mother works, and that he has another “unemployed” brother, who disappeared on the day of the crime.

Investigations indicated that the second son left his home in a contemporary time to commit the crime, and disappeared from sight, while surveillance cameras showed the presence of blood traces on his clothes.

With the arrest of the accused, he confessed the details of the crime and that he asked his father to help him get married, but the “latter” refused because of the accused’s inability to spend because he was without work, so the young man decided to get rid of his father, and fled.

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