Head of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health: The severity of the Corona wave will refuse within days


Dr. Alaa Eid, head of the preventive medicine sector at the Ministry of Health, said that when a mutation of the Corona virus occurs, and its characteristics change, adding that the central laboratories in Egypt did not monitor the emergence of any case of the Indian strain of the virus, indicating that the general immunity is acquired by a person through two ways, the first Is to be infected with the virus and then have antibodies, and the other way is to take the vaccine to form these antibodies, confirming that the intensity of this wave of the virus will break within days, and Egypt’s health status is better than many countries in the world during the Corona pandemic.And Eid continued, during a telephone intervention in the 90-minute program broadcast on the Al-Mehwar channel and presented by the journalist Osama Kamal, that most doctors are on the verge of receiving the Corona virus vaccine, adding that the AstraZenka vaccine is considered one of the best anti-virus vaccines, indicating that it has nothing to do with blood clots.

On the other hand, Dr. Alaa Eid, head of the preventive medicine sector at the Ministry of Health, confirmed that there is a global increase in the registration of new infections with the Corona virus in various countries of the world, for the ninth week in a row, indicating that 152 million cases of the virus were detected globally, and more than 3 million deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, including one million cases in the last 3 months only, and the highest injuries globally, especially in India, Brazil and the United States, and in Egypt so far 228584 infected cases have been reported, and the total number of deaths is 13,405, and the number of recoveries is 171542.


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