Head of the National Security Agency and a current minister … What is the truth about Majid Al-Kadwani’s personality in Choice 2?


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Appeared at the end Episode 20 of the series Choice 2 The artist Majid Al-Kadwani to embody the personality of the head of the National Security Sector instead of Major General Rifaat presented by the artist Riad Al-Khouli .. A large number of followers of the series on social media are wondering about the reality of the personality that Al-Kedwani presents in reality.

By examining the dates of the events of the series and reviewing the decisions issued by the Interior Ministry with regard to the movement of movement within the ministry, it was revealed that the artist, Riad Al-Khouli, during the episodes of the series, introduces the character of Major General Khaled Tharwat, who, in cooperation with the officers of the agency, managed to arrest most of the leaders of the Brotherhood and thwart their terrorist plans.

In 2016, a decision was issued by the Minister of the Interior to appoint Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi Head of the National Security Sector, with Major General Khaled Tharwat assuming the position of Assistant Minister of Interior for the Social Security Sector.

Riyadh Al-Khouli Embodies Major General in the series Choice 2 – archive photo

What is the character presented by Majid Al-Kadwani in Choice 2?

During the coming episodes, Al-Kadwani embodies the personality of Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, who held the position of head of the National Security Sector in 2016 and investigated several security strikes against the criminal elements and seized a large number of the “Hasm” and “Soldiers of Egypt” terrorist movements. He was also able to uncover the ambiguity and arrest the accused in Most of the terrorist incidents included the targeting of St. George Church in Tanta and St. Mark Church in Alexandria.

In 2017, Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi assumed the position of Assistant Minister of Interior for the Ports Security Sector, then Assistant Minister for Economic Security, and in 2018 a presidential decree was issued appointing him as Minister of Local Development.

During the episodes of the series Check 2 A large number of police officers appeared in different sectors with their real names that exist in reality, such as the martyr Muhammad Mabrouk, the National Security Officer, as well as the martyr Lieutenant Colonel Shady Magdy, the martyr Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Fawzi, Major Muhammad Judeh and others.

A source said that the use of the pseudonyms of some characters from the heroes of the series Choice 2 and not mentioning their real names for security reasons, stressing that these characters are still working in their positions within the Ministry of Interior, and the nature of their work prevents revealing their identity, adding that the state is still continuing its war against terrorism and various organizations. inside and outside.

The Choice 2 series, starring Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki – Archives

The series revolves around the heroics that the police presented in their war against the terrorist organizations after the dispersal of the “Rab’a” and “Al-Nahda” sit-ins.

a series Check 2 Written by Hani Sarhan, directed by Peter Mimi, and starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Makki, Iyad Nassar, Ahmed Saeed Abdul-Ghani, Riad Al-Khouly, Majid Al-Kadwani and Muhammad Alaa, and a large number of artists.


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